Fusio is a flexible platform designed to create
specialized applications for digitalization and process automation in
your company – without the high cost of custom development, thanks to
advanced built-in implementation module.

The Fusio information system will help you with the administration and management of your company and you can connect it to your existing applications. It will be 100% relevant to your processes and its features can also be easily adapted to your current needs at any time.

in one place

In Fusio, you can connect multiple agendas and processes, it can also integrate with other systems, so you will have everything clearly in one place.

Continuous modernisation

We are constantly upgrading Fusio to make it even easier to use and more user-friendly.

30 years
on the market

We've been with you for
30 years and Fusio has made work easier for more than 700 customers.

Tailored to your requirements

Thanks to the modularity of the system, we will assemble the instrument for you according to your needs and ideas. You can also use modules from other developers.

Supplier independence

You can manage Fusio yourself and save on costs. Or we can help you.

What can Fusio help you with?

Process automation and control

Digitisation and business management

Interconnection of systems

Watch this video to see how easy it is to add another agenda in Fusio.

Editing agendas can be done by an administrator using the system editor. The system editor is available to set up columns, filters, print reports and other elements. However, we will demonstrate adding a new agenda using the agenda generator …

And if you want to modify the agenda in the future or perhaps add more recorded data? Don’t worry, it’s as simple as adding an agenda, which we have demonstrated.

The Fusio system editor is a tool that allows any company or organization to have a system that is tailored to their individual needs. It’s up to you whether you use this tool to build and customize your Fusio yourself or with our help.

View and download PDF leaflets

Fusio Interface and Overview of Functions

Fusio Approval Process

Fusio Company Agendas


Fusio for Internal Order Approving (Case Study)

More than 700 customers already use our software

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